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الماء القلوي المتأين
2012-05-01 16:40:46
الماء القلوي المتأينليس علاجاً ولا دواء ولكن وسيلة يابانية آمنة ومتطورة وفعالة لمعادلة وإزالة الفضلا
M800 Direct Flow منظومه تحلية امريكية
2010-12-17 16:21:25
USA - M800
101SV-UVمنظومات تحلية امريكية
2010-12-17 15:35:27
101SV-UV USA - RO101SV-UV 5 stage Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System with Ultraviolet Sterilizer Specifications: Membrane: 80 GPD 302 LPD With a transformer, availabl
صور منظومات تحلية تايوانية ممنزلية
2010-12-17 09:47:28

منظومة تحلية منزلية امريكية S800
2010-12-17 08:59:34
Specifications: Production: 50 GPD 189 LPD Water storage tank: 2.2gallons 8.3 liters With a booster pump (optional): -Input in AC 110Volt, 220Volt or 240Volt (5060Hz). Operation




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Water Ionizer  

  ProdectsWater Ionizer

Ionized Water is one of the greatest preventative health advances and technological marvels of the 21th century, yet it has gone almost entirely unnoticed. Ionized Water is a powerful Antioxidant providing the body with tremendous amounts of oxygen and therefore lots of Energy. It is very Alkaline and helps neutralize and flush acid waste from the body, which can encourage disease. It is a superior Hydrator and Detoxifier because Ionized Water molecule clusters have been "reduced" in size (from 10 to 5) and therefore is "lighter". Ionized Water's smaller size allows it to hydrate your body more effectively, pushing out toxins as it easily passes through your body's tissue.

bawell -- Water Ionizer
The world's best selling water ionizer is bawell  Water Ionizer. It comes with the Large 5-plate polymer ion-plated platinum coated titanium ionizing plates (est. life 20 yrs, latest Japanese University technology). It produces an Ionized Water of about 10.0 pH or higher, depending on your water source. Regarding quality and ionization strength, the bawell Water Ionizer is comparable to any other water ionizer on the market.

The revolutionary bawell  Water Ionizer was designed for the world market.bawll Water Ionizer is now sold in the, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

Discover the incredible health benefits

Water Ionizer is a medical device in Japan.
Why? Read on . . .


Research in Japan since the 1950's and testimonials indicate the following conditions have been improved from drinking alkaline water:

- Arthritis  -  Heartburn   -  Chronic fatigue  - Indigestion  - Leg cramps 

- High blood pressure - Poor circulation  - Migraines  -Nausea
- Obesity  - Osteoporeosis  - Psoriasis   -Stress



Dr. Otto Warberg received the Nobel Prize for discovering the cause of cancer - this being lack of oxygen which is low alkaline pH. No disease can exist in an alkaline environment. Japanese medicine has proven this over the last 15 years. Water ionizer can restore proper alkaline pH within weeks.


Drink after exercising as alkaline water replenishes the electrolyte balance 3 times more than other waters because of it's smaller water cluster it is more easily absorbed and recuperation is faster. helps with fatigue problems because of this. Sleep is helped if you drink a glass ?hour before bedtime


Use Acid water for brushing teeth and removing plaque helps withgum disease. Gargle for a sore throat. If amalgams are present use high level alkaline water. Athletes foot ? use acid water to help remove the foot fungus. Vaginal Thrush ? use as an external douche, relives itching and helps to resolve the vaginal thrush.


Alkaline water also adds flavors and brings out the best in beverages. Beverages taste smoother they don't have that acidic taste/ tang. Tide marks on cups take longer to establish themselves and are easy to clean away


Use ACID water for cleaning work surfaces, dish clothes, cutting and bread boards. Cups and dishes rinsed in ACID water after washing are sterilized on level 5. Cups do not have a "Tide" line of tea or coffee as easily if at all, dependant on the water supply/ area


When cooking with Alkalized water the food absorbs the water easier, which enhances the natural taste and texture of the food being cooked. Foods cook quicker because of the smaller water molecules in alkalized water
Acid water acts as an astringent that is very effective for skincare because human skin and hair should be mildly acidic. Use the acid water externally to bring back the smoothness to skin and sheen to hair
Stay fresh longer when ACID water is used. Dilute the Acid water at 1 part to two parts of pure filter water (not Alkaline). Both of these waters are available when using the Masterpiece unit to help keep your flower arrangements fresh

Why drinking water is alkaline ionized mineral water?

Drinking alkaline ionized water every day the most effective than green juice.
Especially, Pure ionized water is alkaline ionized mineral water. It has a ph level of over 8. It is very beneficial because it is easily absorbed in the body and enhances body metabolic rate and better body resistance. water ionizer separates various minerals in water into positive ion (alkaline) that is good for health and negative ion(acid) that is good for skin care. None of the items suggested activities above should be considered a cure for cancer and other geriatric diseases. but simply way to strengthen your body to fight the disease that has invaded it. Specially, it is maintaining various health function and curative properties and activating the unborn child in case of pregnant woman.

which water we always drink for every day?

Because of it is not alkaline water, it cannot neutralize the effects of acidic waste.
Do not drink this water, this is water that has had all the minerals removed from it using various processed so it is literally pure H2O. it leaches the minerals from you body and makes you more acidic " the linger one drinks purified water, the more likely the development of mineral deficiencies and an acid state. Disease and early death is more likely to be seen with the ling term drinking of purified water. Fasting with purified water can be extremely dangerous since it quickly depletes the body of its vital minerals.

Where is acidic water beneficial for?

It has effectively for beautiful skin, sterilizing power and medical treatment
This is not for drinking water, it is external use only. Acidic water provides excellent relief from poison ivy, poison oak, mosquito bites, bee stings and treatment for Hemorrhoids, acne eczema. It also helps to keep healthy, beautiful skin and hair feel great after rinsing with it.

Beneficial water condition

It has effectively for beautiful skin, sterilizing power and medical treatment
This is not for drinking water, it is external use only. Acidic water provides excellent relief from poison ivy, poison oak, mosquito bites, bee stings and treatment for Hemorrhoids, acne eczema. It also helps to keep healthy, beautiful skin and hair feel great after rinsing with it.

Tests available for Acidity and Health

BTA (Biological Terrain Assessment) takes a ※snapshot§ of your environment and health using patients samples of 2mls of saliva, urine, and blood (blood is optional). Nervous system, a non invasive quantitative assessment of the autonomic nervous system based on heart rate variability. Tests the integrity of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and heart rhythm. EDS (Electro Dermal Screening) a non invasive test where readings are taken from the skin of the body, primarily fingers and toes, in depth tests typically take approximately 2 hours. The test looks at underlying causes and causal chains of a persons health profile. Segmentelektrograph, a non invasive test where quadrant measurements are taken to determine the functionality of a persons body, in finding the area or areas where problems are going on insidiously. All of these tests will produce a graph of the person being tested.

Three levels of alkaline water.
Two levels of acid water, including super-oxide.
Filter water (non-ionized) - by Silver Coated Activated Carbon Filter
Stainless steel output spout
Stylish upright look with full electronic LED panel.
Water flow display indicator.
pH display indicator
ORP display indicator
Built-in auto-flushing electrode.
Unique post-operation automatic and silent cleansing for extended lifespan
Voice confirmation every time you select a different pH level
Filter usage liquid crystal display indicator
Easy 1-minute change filter compartment
Optional ability to connect direct to plumbing and operate under mains pressure


Voltage : AC-110V / AC-220V. 
Electricity: D-2A~6A
Electrolysis Chamber: Area: 450cm2
Power consumption: 100-200W
ORO level : +500MV ~ -400MV
Filtration Capacity: 12,000L
Dimensions: (cm) 31.5 (L) x 27.5 (W)  x 14 (H)
Weight: 3.7 kg













Alkaline Water

Acidic Water

Gives you lots of Energy!
Washes acidic waste from the body.
Hydrates body 3 times more effectively than conventional water.
Nutrients are absorbed more efficiently into the body.
Promotes regularity.
Excellent treatment for Obesity, Diabetes, Psoriasis, Arthritis, Osteoporosis
Reduces High Blood Pressure
Foods cooked with ionized water taste better, their nutrients absolute better by the body.
Powders such as flour are mixed more thoroughly and smoothly
Ionized waster boils faster / cools down faster
Promotes overall health and healing by bringing the body into balance.






Kills bacteria on contact
Helps heal cuts, blisters, scraps, or rashes
Provides excellent relief from MOSQUITO BITES & BEESTINGS
Provides excellent relief from POISON IVY & POISON OAK
Hair feels great after rinsing with it.
Great for Skin
Relieve chapped hands & dry, itchy skin.
Excellent treatment for Hemorrhoids.
Walks as an astringent to pull skin tighter.
Effectively removes plaque from teeth Use it instead of toothpaste.
Wash vegetables, fruits, meats and fish with it to kill bacteria.
Gaggle with it to relieve soar throat or other mouth soars
Excellent treatment for acne and eczema.
Excellent treatment for fungus such ad athletes foot.
Promotes plant growth and general health, herbs and wheat grass.
Extends the life of cut flowers.





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