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الماء القلوي المتأين
2012-05-01 16:40:46
الماء القلوي المتأينليس علاجاً ولا دواء ولكن وسيلة يابانية آمنة ومتطورة وفعالة لمعادلة وإزالة الفضلا
M800 Direct Flow منظومه تحلية امريكية
2010-12-17 16:21:25
USA - M800
101SV-UVمنظومات تحلية امريكية
2010-12-17 15:35:27
101SV-UV USA - RO101SV-UV 5 stage Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System with Ultraviolet Sterilizer Specifications: Membrane: 80 GPD 302 LPD With a transformer, availabl
صور منظومات تحلية تايوانية ممنزلية
2010-12-17 09:47:28

منظومة تحلية منزلية امريكية S800
2010-12-17 08:59:34
Specifications: Production: 50 GPD 189 LPD Water storage tank: 2.2gallons 8.3 liters With a booster pump (optional): -Input in AC 110Volt, 220Volt or 240Volt (5060Hz). Operation




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Reverse osmosis system  

  articleReverse osmosis system

Reverse osmosis system


How does reverse osmosis system from other water purifiers?


The other water filters used turnpike in order to separate atoms of sediment from water, while reverse osmosis systems use a semi-permeable membrane that can remove not only the atoms in molecules, but the most accurate of the molecule after molecule contaminants from tap water.


What is the membrane and how does it work?


Membrane is composed of a set of slides Agayqp or segments of video footage integrated with each other and wrapped in a raw material CFT spiral around the pool, plastic is the famous slide film composite or membranes or membranes of the membrane semi-permeable to allow water molecules to pass through while working while working as a barrier material insoluble "chemicals and metal" When the feed water stream passes across the surface of the membrane, the molecules Pure Pro penetrate the membrane surface taken its way around the coil, and then gather in the center of the basin and washed the remaining contaminants after the focus, and then rush to the bottom of the membrane to the drainage area


What is osmosis?


Consists of a semi-permeable membrane allows water to pass through while working on booking non-dissolved salts . Place the membrane between the barriers inside a container or tank as shown in the illustration to the right and then place the salts dissolved in a half shell and the other half put pure water. We will process the main process, where there are asking the same degree of focus in the same system, it will try to get the balance (the same components focused on both sides of the membrane) Certainly, Firecracker only for this to happen is the passage of water through the membrane to the other side of the membrane where the salt water in an attempt to get this balance is the famous osmosis .


What is reverse osmosis?


Reverse Osmosis Osmosis is the restoration of natural water. It is not the goal of water purification is to reduce the soluble salts, but the goal is to separate the pure water from salt and other pollutants. When the restoration of natural osmosis, the water free from dissolved salts are forced to pass through the membrane in the opposite direction thanks to the pressure resulting from this process that we call a reverse osmosis . Through this process, we can now get clean water by filtering salt and other pollutants.



How did a reverse osmosis system?


Although the reverse osmosis system has been recognized by more than tens of years, the practical application it is a modern development. Government established the United States its first plant based on reverse osmosis, which produced 1000 gallons of clean water and clean the day. Today, found on more than 300 factories large reverse osmosis technology uses each and every one of them is capable of producing more than a million gallons of drinking water per day. The U.S. military has bought 8000 of membranes for large mobile water purification units and for U.S. troops during Desert Storm . In 1993 bought the U.S. government from other large membranes to purify flood water in the Midwest.


Is a reverse osmosis system reduces the sodium in the water?


Yes, reverse osmosis system is designed in an innovative way, modern water treatment and reduce the proportion of sodium in it.


Is a reverse osmosis system removes bacteria from the water?


Yes, the membranes used in reverse osmosis systems with pores of accurate and sensitive and working properly to remove micro-organisms and reduce whatever small size.


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When should I change the membrane? 


The most important signal is illustrated by the lack of a progressive in the amount of water produced due to deposition of the amount of minerals and salts on the surface of the membrane or filter. The reference is to occur following a gradual deterioration in the quality of produced water that you can notice a strange taste and a white sediment in the bottom of the pot of water. It is possible that these signs confirm the need for membranes (filters) to the switch.
Note: water quality, taste will help you to identify the time of switch RO 103 TDS membranes.




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