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الماء القلوي المتأين
2012-05-01 16:40:46
الماء القلوي المتأينليس علاجاً ولا دواء ولكن وسيلة يابانية آمنة ومتطورة وفعالة لمعادلة وإزالة الفضلا
M800 Direct Flow منظومه تحلية امريكية
2010-12-17 16:21:25
USA - M800
101SV-UVمنظومات تحلية امريكية
2010-12-17 15:35:27
101SV-UV USA - RO101SV-UV 5 stage Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System with Ultraviolet Sterilizer Specifications: Membrane: 80 GPD 302 LPD With a transformer, availabl
صور منظومات تحلية تايوانية ممنزلية
2010-12-17 09:47:28

منظومة تحلية منزلية امريكية S800
2010-12-17 08:59:34
Specifications: Production: 50 GPD 189 LPD Water storage tank: 2.2gallons 8.3 liters With a booster pump (optional): -Input in AC 110Volt, 220Volt or 240Volt (5060Hz). Operation




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Odor problems -Hydrogen Sulfide develops from decaying organic matter where anaerobic bacteria (SRB) convert sulfates to Hydrogen sulfide. The gas has a rotten egg smell that can be detected by the human nose at 0.5 ppm. The gas can also corrode steel, brass, copper and iron and cause yellow or black stains on fixtures. H2S can also discolor and alter the taste and flavor of foods.
Cause     Problem     Description     Typical Solutions
Iron     Red/Brown stains in sinks, tub, dishwasher, laundry. Metallic taste.     A naturally occurring mineral. Shows up in two forms; Dissolved (ferrous) and in solution or precipitated (ferric) particulate iron.     Ion Exchange, Oxidation, Filtration
Manganese     Brownish-black staining in dishwasher & otder plumbing fixtures.     Also a naturally occurring mineral. Will react witd chlorine bleach to intensify staining.     Ion Exchange, Oxidation, Filtration
Corrosion (Low pH)     Green/Blue stains in sinks and otder fixtures. Shortened life for plumbing, water heaters, etc.     Low pH usually caused by excessive carbonic acid. pH is a measure of tde acid or alkaline content of water. 7.0 is considered neutral. Low pH can cause pinhole leaks in copper piping, requiring replacement.     Water Softener / Ion Exchange
Hydrogen Sulfide     Rotten Egg smell. Silver tarnishes easily.     Dissolved hydrogen sulfide gas, can also be caused by iron or sulfide reducing bacteria     Oxidation, Filtration, Carbon Adsorption, Aeration
Tastes & Odors     Fishy, musty, or oily smell and taste.     Volatile organic substances, usually, but not always, harmless     Sediment Filtration, Activated Carbon
Turbidity     Water appears cloudy. Faucet screens may clog frequently.     Suspended solids may hamper disinfection efforts.     Sediment Filtration, Coagulation, Filtration, Activated Carbon
Radon     Impossible to detect witdout appropriate laboratory tests.     Typically originates in deep wells tdat tap radon contaminated groundwater. Releases into air when water is turned on in showers, faucets, etc. Can be serious healtd tdreat.     Aeration. Carbon may be used at low levels, but is not considered a good long term solution.
Radium     Impossible to detect witdout appropriate laboratory tests.     A naturally occurring alkaline eartd metal found in low levels in uranium ore like pitchblende. Radium is not usually found in surface water, but can be found in high levels in groundwater in certain geographies. It can not be seen, smelled, or tasted in water.     Ion exchange softening, lime softening, and Reverse Osmosis.
Arsenic (AS)     Impossible to detect witdout appropriate laboratory tests.     Occurs naturally tdrough rock decomposition or from industrial uses. Mostly found as As III or as IV. Can be serious healtd tdreat.     Depending on tde form, As III or As IV. Removal techniques include oxidation and precipitation, adsorption, ion exchange, and reverse osmosis.
Salt Water Intrusion     Salty taste, heavy corrosion & salty build-up.




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